Elder Care – Concerned An Aging Parent Shouldn’t Be Driving?

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As trusted Bay Area in-home caregivers serving the San Francisco, Menlo Park, and surrounding areas, we know there comes a point in nearly anyone's life when driving simply isn't safe any longer. If you have an elderly parent and are concerned about his or her ability to safely operate a vehicle, you aren't alone. No senior wants to let go of one of the biggest forms of independence, but … [Read more...]

Senior Care – When It’s Time For Seniors To Give Up Car Keys

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There comes a time in most seniors' lives when it's time to give up the car keys. For family members, having this discussion with your loved one can be nearly as difficult as talking about end-of-life matters. As home caregivers serving the San Francisco Bay Area, we have a few warning signs that may indicate it's time to take away the keys. Do you notice dents or damage to the car that your … [Read more...]

Palo Alto Senior Care – Bathroom Safety Tips

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As we age, our agility and balance aren't as good as they once were. The bathroom can be a very dangerous place for seniors, especially those who are physically disabled, have balance issues, or other conditions that increase the risk of a fall. Getting in and out of the tub, even sitting down to use the toilet can be a chore. As a caregiver, what can you do to ensure the bathroom is a safer … [Read more...]

Senior Caregiving – Falls In The Elderly Are Common


As San Francisco senior caregiving experts, we realize that even in the elderly, falls don't "just happen" and that the majority of falls happen in the home. Usually there is an underlying reason for a fall, whether due to a medical condition or even the medications a senior takes for his/her health. What are the risk factors scientists have linked to falling in older adults? Painful joints … [Read more...]

Safety At Home For Bay Area Seniors

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Even for seniors who have lived in their homes for decades or who live in neighborhoods known to be safe, no home is 100% safe from the possibility of a break-in. Unfortunately, seniors' homes are often the target of criminals; not only are aging seniors at an increased risk of a burglary, but financial scams as well. As home caregivers offering a variety of services for Bay Area seniors, we … [Read more...]

Internet Safety Tips for Bay Area Seniors

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Today's world is very different from the world of 15 or 20 years ago. With more and more seniors in the San Francisco Bay Area using the Internet to connect with family and friends, pay bills, and stay social, safety and security are extremely important. There are highly intelligent, Internet savvy "thieves" who will go to any length to steal personal information from the elderly, and anyone … [Read more...]

Senior Caregiving – Dangers of Excessive Heat for the Elderly

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While temperatures in the San Francisco area don't typically rise to dangerous levels during summer months, global warming is resulting in increased temperatures across the nation. At Care Indeed, our senior caregiving professionals know that extreme heat can be dangerous, particularly for the elderly. You may be surprised to learn that in the U.S., heat is the top weather-related killer. While … [Read more...]

Senior Driving: Tips from Palo Alto Home Care Providers

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Even as seniors approach 70, 75, and even 80, many are not willing to give up their driving privilege. Understandably, driving offers a sense of freedom and mobility no one wants to give up. However, driving can become increasingly dangerous as a loved one ages for various reasons including diminishing eyesight or hearing, slowed reflexes, and more. At Care Indeed, we have a few tips to help … [Read more...]

Safety Tips For The Aging And Caregivers In San Francisco

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Whether you are an aging senior, or a caregiver who provides in home care for the elderly, safety is a top priority. Adult children who care for aging parents should pay particular attention to the safety tips we will provide below, as it could mean the difference between a safe, secure home and a dangerous fall or injury. Even in our own homes, there are risks that must be considered. For … [Read more...]