Family Portal

We are continually seeking new and innovative tools and approaches to providing care.

The Care Indeed Family Portal is just one more reason why families trust Care Indeed.

To enhance our services and efficiency to our clients we are very excited to introduce Care Indeed Family Portal (detailed instructions below):

What is Care Indeed Family Portal?

It is an online web site which will allow you and your family to access information:

  • Client Profile Information: basic information about your loved one
  • Schedule: Past and future care service schedules
  • Plan of Care: Primary diagnosis, special needs, allergies, etc. (if you think that we have missed any information, please send us a message via the Family Portal’s message center so that we can update our records)
  • Message Center: Send and Receive Family Portal-related Messages directly to Care Indeed

How to access the Care Indeed Family Portal?

Please login below:

  • Type in the primary contact’s email address as Login Email ID or login by visiting Clear Care Online.
  • Type in first and last name of your registered loved one (one word, lower case) as Password

What are the benefits of using Care Indeed Family Portal?

  • Direct Access to Case Managers
  • Online interaction with your home care company
  • Real Time Review of Care and Shifts
  • Past and Future Schedules
  • 24/7 Family Access

Available whenever you need it at

For any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 650-328-1001.