Free Classes and Seminars

Free Seminars and Classes

Free Health & Wellness Seminars

Wellness seminars are a great way to promote health within the community. They are designed to raise awareness, educate, and provide useful strategies for making positive lifestyle changes. For this reason, we offer our employees and clients free Health & Wellness Seminars that cover a variety of topics throughout the year.

Free Laughter Yoga Classes

Have you heard of Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga, also called Intentional Laughter, is an exercise routine that is sweeping the world. It is a complete well-being workout that was developed by a medical doctor from India, Dr. Madan Kataria, in 1995.

In Laughter Yoga, movement is fueled by the breath of laughter. Whether laughter is fake or real, the benefits are the same. It burns calories, enhances your mood, and reduces stress.

Care Indeed is pleased to offer FREE Laughter Yoga classes. Please contact Vanessa Valerio, Care Indeed’s COO and VP Patient Care, at (650) 328-1001 or


Laughing Yoga Flier