Seniors And Caregivers In The Bay Area – Spring Cleaning

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Spring's here, which means it's time for that dreaded chore - spring cleaning. Even seniors want a clean home, but certain tasks can be difficult for not only those who are aging, but their caregivers as well. Our San Francisco home care agency has a few tips that will help make spring cleaning a breeze, regardless of who's taking care of those tedious tasks! Seniors often prefer to take care … [Read more...]

How Bay Area Seniors Can Beat The Winter Blues

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Seniors in Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and throughout the Bay Area often have what many people refer to as the "winter blues," however many people actually suffer from SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. This can be attributed to the fact that during winter months, daylight hours are shorter. Regardless of whether it's SAD or simply the winter blues, there are some things you can do to beat it! Bay … [Read more...]

Transitional Care – Hospital Readmission Common In Seniors

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As San Francisco home care providers, we know many seniors aged 65 and older experience falls, or have knee/hip replacement surgery or other medical procedures performed in a hospital. The problem is, many seniors find themselves being readmitted to the hospital a short time later, largely due to the lack of help and support upon returning home. If you're wondering about transitional care for an … [Read more...]

Palo Alto Home Care – ‘Good Health’ Tips For Women Over 50

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While women age 50 or older are certainly not "over the hill," now is an important time to start monitoring your health so that you can stay young and vital for as long as possible. Twenty years ago, those over 50 were considered "old" by the younger generation; today, 50 is the new 30! While you don't consider yourself a "senior" quite yet, if you have a mother or father you help take care … [Read more...]

Most Common Health Issues San Francisco Seniors Face

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San Francisco seniors face a number of health-related issues as they grow older. Depending on the health problems a senior faces, in home care may be an essential factor in allowing an elderly loved one to remain in his/her home, while being safe. We have included some of the most common health issues seniors face below. Heart problems are usually the most notable health concern, and may … [Read more...]

Senior Care Tips – Gluten Intolerance in Seniors

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Gluten intolerance, also known as Celiac disease, is a condition that's more common in people of all ages today, including seniors. Celiac disease can cause unnecessary stress in seniors, because of the embarrassing symptoms and trying to determine what's safe to eat, and what isn't. Gluten intolerance can cause gas, vomiting, and in some cases uncontrollable diarrhea. If you are a senior or a … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolutions for Menlo Park Seniors

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Lots of people in the Menlo Park and Bay Area never really give a thought to seniors or the elderly when it comes to New Year's resolutions. Most of us think about losing weight, quitting smoking, and other challenges we'd like to overcome - but what about seniors? They should have an opportunity to start fresh, just like those of us who haven't reached our "golden years" just yet. Here are a … [Read more...]

Senior Care Tips – Help Eliminate Feelings of Loneliness

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Living alone can be extremely lonely for seniors not only in San Francisco, but all around the U.S. Often, there isn't ample opportunity for them to get together with family, enjoy delicious meals, create new memories, and talk about old ones. Unfortunately, many seniors are not included in these activities. Some may live in their own homes, others in nursing homes or assisted living … [Read more...]

Palo Alto Caregivers Offer Helpful Info About Osteoporosis

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Osteoporosis is a debilitating condition that can make even the simplest movements painful or even impossible for those who suffer from it. Often referred to as 'the silent thief' because it can go undetected until a bone has been fractured, there are certain risk factors and things caregivers can do to help minimize the risks. As compassionate Palo Alto caregivers, we want to share some … [Read more...]

Caring for Seniors In Walnut Creek with Type 2 Diabetes

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Type 2 diabetes has become a common medical issue; many seniors suffer from this type of diabetes, so it's important to know the symptoms and how it affects the body if you are a caregiver. Type 2 diabetes can lead to eye and nerve damage, damage to the kidneys (nephropathy), infections, and cardiovascular disease when not properly monitored, so it's important to ensure your senior loved one gets … [Read more...]