Caring for Seniors In Walnut Creek with Type 2 Diabetes

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Type 2 diabetes has become a common medical issue; many seniors suffer from this type of diabetes, so it's important to know the symptoms and how it affects the body if you are a caregiver. Type 2 diabetes can lead to eye and nerve damage, damage to the kidneys (nephropathy), infections, and cardiovascular disease when not properly monitored, so it's important to ensure your senior loved one gets … [Read more...]

Palo Alto Seniors – Healthy Aging and Happiness Connection

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As professional home caregivers for those in the Palo Alto area, we know that contrary to popular belief, there really is such a thing as happy and healthy aging as we all reach age 50 and beyond. Many people think once you get to a certain age, you'll most certainly face health issues, depression, and the feeling that all that is ahead is the end. Studies have proven that you can choose to age … [Read more...]

Senior Caregiving – Steps To Help Prevent Hospitalization

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Although our business is providing home care services for those in the San Francisco area, we know there are problems seniors face all across the nation. As we age, our physical and mental health often slowly decline. The elderly are more prone to accidents and at a higher risk of some medical conditions. No one wants to spend time in the hospital, and sometimes it's unavoidable. However there … [Read more...]

When Seniors are Depressed: Tips for San Jose Caregivers

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As experienced home caregivers for seniors in the San Jose area, we know that depression is fairly common, especially among seniors and the elderly. Feeling down occasionally is natural for anyone, however when someone is truly depressed it is important to treat and monitor the condition. It's understandable that seniors get depressed more frequently given the fact they are aging, they've lost … [Read more...]

How Caregivers Can Encourage Healthy Choices


As we head toward fall, it's important to take care of yourself as a caregiver, and help those you care for enjoy each day to the fullest. Whether you live in San Francisco or any surrounding area, making healthy choices for aging loved ones as well as yourself is important. Caring for an elderly parent can be draining; you may feel that you never have time for yourself - and you may often feel … [Read more...]

Considering Bay Area in Home Care? Avoid These Mistakes

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If you have an aging loved one in Palo Alto, San Jose or other parts of the Bay Area and are considering in home care, there are certain mistakes many people make when hiring a caregiver. We know that taking care of an aging parent (or parents) on your own is often a huge and exhausting task, especially when you have a family and career of your own. Hiring a caregiver to come into your loved … [Read more...]

Live In Care For Seniors – Living with an Aging Parent?

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Many adult children make the decision to live with an elderly parent when the other parent passes away. Perhaps you promised your mom or dad that when the other died, you would take care of the surviving parent so that he/she never had to face the horrors of a nursing home. Now that you've made the decision and have been living with your aging loved one (or he/she is living with you), you may … [Read more...]

Dementia Caregiving – Benefit of A Good Living Environment

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At Care Indeed, our San Jose dementia caregiving experts understand that caring for an aging loved one with this condition can be challenging, to say the least. Did you know that the design of the environment in which your loved one lives can have a profound impact on his or her well-being and mood? From colors and lighting to layout and interior design, there are things you can do to make … [Read more...]

Palo Alto Caregivers Explain Importance of Hospital Sitting

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At Care Indeed, we understand how stressful - and lonely - it can be when in the hospital. If your loved one has been admitted to the hospital for any medical condition, surgery, or for other reasons, you may want to consider a hospital sitter. Most people are aware that hospitals are often short-handed, and family members have busy lives, making it impossible to sit with a loved one every … [Read more...]

Bay Area Live-In Care – When Seniors Shouldn’t Live Alone

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Unfortunately, there comes a time in many elderly people's lives when they simply can no longer live alone. As trusted Bay Area live-in care providers, we understand that family members often take on the burden of a loved one's care, but sometimes it gets to a point where you cannot afford to take off work, neglect your own family, and spend night after night at your loved one's home. How can … [Read more...]