Most Common Health Issues San Francisco Seniors Face

san francisco seniors

San Francisco seniors face a number of health-related issues as they grow older. Depending on the health problems a senior faces, in home care may be an essential factor in allowing an elderly loved one to remain in his/her home, while being safe. We have included some of the most common health issues seniors face below. Heart problems are usually the most notable health concern, and may … [Read more...]

East Bay Hospital to Home Recovery Care

east bay hospital to home recovery

We all know that today, patients are discharged from the hospital much sooner than they were 20 years ago, even after many major surgeries. How do seniors handle the transition from hospital to home? Depending on age, physical/mental health, and other factors it may be difficult on their own. Many who are elderly simply are not prepared for the process of recovering at home. This can result in … [Read more...]

Common Home Care Myths Dispelled

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What is home care and what isn't it? At Care Indeed, our Menlo Park in home care services understand that for many families, the phrase "home care" can be intimidating and misunderstood. There are many myths about home care, and what it actually encompasses. In truth, home care is many things - and there are many things it is not. Most people think of these services as those designed for the … [Read more...]

Handling Family Conflicts When Caring For Aging Loved Ones

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At Care Indeed, our Palo Alto home caregivers understand that in many situations, when the time comes that an elderly parent or relative needs a little help, it can cause turbulence between family members. Nearly every family faces conflict at some point when it comes to caring for an aging parent. For instance, one sibling may feel he/she is doing all of the work. On the flip side of the coin, … [Read more...]