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  • Locked Down Care Community Tips by TamsADS’

    by Care Indeed, April 21, 2020

    This blog was originally published on TamsADS by Tami Anastasia, M.A., CSA, and Alzheimer’s & Dementia Consultant. In addition to specializing in helping family caregivers navigate the day to day demands and challenges caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's or Dementia, she is also an Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group Facilitator, Health and Wellness Counselor, Senior Exercise Specialist, and author.

    Not being able to visit your loved one in the care community they live in is one of the most upsetting and frustrating issues that family caregivers are struggling with.

    Below are some TAMS Locked Down Care Community Tips:

    -Make arrangements with the care community to schedule daily or weekly update phone or video calls with the staff so they can inform you as to how your loved one is doing

    -Call and speak directly to your loved one if that’s possible

    -Write notes and cards to your loved one to let them know you are thinking about them and send them to the care community to give and read to your loved one – even though your loved one may not understand or comprehend what you wrote – the purpose is for you to feel connected to them while you are separated from them

    -Ask the care community if they can take a video of your loved one and email it to you on a weekly basis

    -Ask the care community if they can set up a video call with your loved one – i.e. zoom, facetime, skype

    -Ask the care community if you can send or drop off meaningful items that would be comforting for you to give to your loved one – a favorite blanket, photo album, picture frame with photos, artwork, clothing

    -Drive by the care community and wave to your loved one or blow them a kiss and say hello out loud and let them know you miss them and you’re thinking of them

    -Ask the care community if you can drop off a care package with your loved one’s favorite snacks

    -Keep a journal and write down your thoughts and concerns that you have of your loved one while you’re unable to visit them

    -Go out into your garden and cut some flowers and bring them inside in honor of your loved one

    -Visit some of your loved one’s favorite locations as a way of acknowledging and feeling connected to your loved one – i.e. drive to the beach, walk in nature, sit outdoors, look up at the beautiful sky and send a loving message to your loved one

    -Watch a favorite movie or tv show that your loved one enjoyed as another way of acknowledging your loved one and feeling connected to them

    -Recite your loved one’s favorite sayings or tell the same jokes

    -Read one of your loved one’s favorite books

    -Listen to your loved one’s favorite songs and sing out loud or dance to the music


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