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Diabetes Management

For those that have either a new diagnosis of diabetes, or are struggling with disease management and progression, our skilled nursing staff can provide educational instruction, assistance with regular insulin checks, and the proper observation and reporting to ensure control over symptoms. Skilled observation and care can also address other aspects of the disease process before they escalate.


30 million people

Diabetes is a serious condition that causes higher than normal blood sugar levels affecting millions of Americans from all walks of life. Living with diabetes can be tough especially for older adults - and with age, comes an increased risk for disabling or even life-threatening complications that require diligence and care.


How can Care
Indeed help?

Following a diabetes treatment plan takes round the clock commitment. Our caregivers, all bonded and insured, have been trained to:

  • Help clients carefully manage diabetes to reduce the risk of serious infections - even life-threatening complications
  • Monitor blood sugar levels to maintain target ranges
  • Meal plan and dietary education to reach health goals
  • Promote active lifestyles and exercise to maintain blood sugar control, and increase feelings of well-being

Our health team can address

  • Instructional education on medication management and administration
  • Help securing resources for medication and testing supplies
  • Assessment of changes to skin integrity and wound care
  • Accurate reporting to the healthcare team regarding disease management
  • Assist with regular health check-ups and immunizations, oral hygiene, foot care
  • Advocate on the client’s behalf



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Welcome to Care Indeed. Do you have any questions?
Welcome to Care Indeed. Do you have any questions?