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Whenever a beloved family member is admitted to the hospital, you cannot help but worry when you are not there. Whether the hospital stay is for routine testing or a longer medical stay, you want to know your loved one is well-cared for at all times.

At Care Indeed, we understand this. We arrange for our special Hospital Sitters to provide supportive care while your family member is in the hospital.


Did you know that patients receiving supplemental care during their hospital stay recover faster? Feeling safe and not alone, having companionship, and experiencing a comfortable hospital stay all reduce feelings of anxiety so your loved one can focus on healing and getting better.


What Can a Hospital Sitter Do?

Your family member’s Hospital Sitter will help in many ways during a hospital stay. Hospital sitters do not interfere in any way with the hospital staff. A Hospital Sitter’s role is not to insert IVs or administer medication. Instead, they provide much-needed enhanced, supplementary care.

Care Indeed hospital sitters provide companionship, support, and assistance to promote the patient’s healing, reduce the risk of infection, and guard against injury or falls.

Benefits of Hospital Sitters:

  • Dedicated one-on-one attention around the clock
  • Continual monitoring of your loved one's condition and activity
  • Ability to immediately alert medical staff at the first sign of a problem
  • Maintain emergency contact information and important legal documents
  • Provide companionship through conversation, reading, playing games, and simply being present in the hospital room
  • Ability to assist with feeding and personal hygiene if necessary
  • Remind the patient of medication schedules and post-surgery precautions
  • Monitor and prioritize the patient's comfort level
  • A Hospital Sitter also runs necessary errands

As you can see, a Care Indeed Hospital Sitter has a lot of responsibilities. This added support by a qualified caregiver can provide a better experience for your loved one during hospitalization. Hospital Sitters give you peace of mind by monitoring your family member during a medical stay and serving as a patient advocate.

Click here to arrange for a Hospital Sitter. Our Care Team can answer all of your questions and arrange for a dedicated Hospital Sitter to fit your needs.

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Welcome to Care Indeed. Do you have any questions?
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