Hospital Sitting

We know the difficulties clients and families face when a loved one is in the hospital. A successful recovery needs to include elements of a well-supported hospital stay: safety, company, and comfort.


Supplement Care

As a complement to medical teams, hospital sitters are dedicated caregivers that provide monitoring and advocacy services to patients during their stay at a medical facility. While the medical teams focus on multiple patients at once, we can help supplement care by catering to the personal one-on-one needs of the client.


How can Care Indeed help?

  • Night supervision
  • Monitor a patient's condition and activity
  • Alert medical staff at the first sign of a problem
  • Maintain emergency contact information and important legal documents
  • Entertain the patient through conversation, reading, games, etc.
  • Assist with feeding and personal hygiene when needed
  • Offer medication reminders and post-surgery precautions
  • Support the patient’s comfort level
  • Run necessary errands

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Although a hospital sitter does not administer medications or insert IVs and must not interfere with the hospital staff, they can provide that extra layer of support needed to reduce the risk of infection, prevent falls, and allow the patient to focus on healing.

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