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  • Top 5 Technology Benefits For Seniors

    by Care Indeed, January 15, 2020

    The myth that technology is only for the young is just that – a myth. Many seniors are embracing technology and the benefits are many. While the learning curve varies when it comes to applications, devices, and social media, the reality is that it is important for seniors to reap the benefits of technology. And, especially for seniors struggling with a debilitating illness or chronic disease, the emotional benefits can be healing. 


    According to a study cited by the National Institutes of Health, technology has the ability to enrich and enhance interpersonal relationships among older adults. In fact, online social networking alone has large implications for the emotional well-being of seniors. According to the NIH study, the use of technology among seniors was associated with lower rates of depression, fewer chronic conditions, and better self-rated health. 


    If you – or an aging loved one – are hesitant to adopt technology, here are a few reasons why you’ll reap the benefits emotionally, physically and socially. 


    1) Renewed Independence


    Technology provides seniors with a massive amount of information, social interaction and entertainment. It’s at their fingertips and they have the power to learn, communicate and find support, especially when struggling with a chronic illness. 


    According to the American Association of Retired Persons, technology can provide seniors with the following: 

    • A sense of personal fulfillment
    • A means to information to preserve their health
    • Social connectedness with friends and loved ones
    • Functional capability


    Many times, seniors do feel alone and when they have access to technology and social media applications that connect them with information, the power to learn and social interaction, they have more tools to gain independence and cope better with emotional struggles. 


    2) Enhanced Communication

    While seniors commonly have access to family, friends and caregivers from Care Indeed, there may be times when they would like to reconnect with old friends. Technology gives them this opportunity without having to make a trip across town. Whether you – or a loved one – is connecting with friends on social media applications, messaging apps or text messages, technology provides the means to do so. 


    Technology can also provide seniors with ways to communicate with medical professionals. Many medical facilities have member-only websites that provide access to medical records, the ability to electronically fill prescriptions and ask questions online. Many medical offices also employ the use of video chats for non-emergency medical questions. 


    3) Increased Safety


    Thanks to technology, seniors benefit from safety features that can impact their safety. From push-button alarms that notify medical professionals about falls and risks to doorbells that allow you to see who is on your doorstep before you even open the door, technology offers plenty of safety benefits for seniors. 


    Wireless security home systems can also benefit your senior’s safety and allow caregivers and loved ones to view individuals at the door or even oversee a senior’s activities within the home. 


    4) Added Convenience


    Technology is a game changer for people of any age seeking convenience, but for seniors, you get added convenience. For example, technology allows you – or an aging loved one – to order groceries and even grocery delivery online. You can also order transportation services, such as Lyft or Uber to get to and from stores, medical appointments and more, as well as shop online and have goods such as household supplies, clothing and more delivered right to your front door. 


    Need to order hot meals or food? There’s an app for that, too. You’ll find convenience at your fingertips and user-friendly applications, programs and websites to make your life easier when you embrace technology as a senior. 


    5) More Entertainment


    One of the greatest joys of technology is you – or a loved one’s – access to entertainment. From family photos sent electronically or live video chats, technology gives seniors the opportunity to enhance social interaction and find more entertainment during their daily lives. 


    For example, many streaming services offer free movies, television shows and talk shows that cannot be accessed anywhere else. Does your caregiver client or loved one miss watching a television show from his or her era? You can find it online. Hours of entertainment are at your fingertips through technology. 


    Finding the Support and Care You Need


    A physical illness or disease can affect individuals at any stage of life and age. In some cases, the symptoms may be mild, but many disorders, can also be life threatening. The loneliness and stress that accompanies a medical condition can be even more stressful when social interaction or entertainment options are limited. That’s why screen time and technology is so beneficial for seniors. 


    Support and care is essential at the onset of any type of discomfort for your aging parent or loved one. And, a team effort ensures that you – or a loved one – will navigate chronic conditions in comfort. 


    It’s important to learn as much about the symptoms and care needed to help support your loved ones. Tap into resources from local and national organizations to boost your knowledge of how the disorder affects everyone involved and to also identify coping skills. In addition, lean on caregivers, such as the qualified staff from Care Indeed, to help with daily living, while coordinating palliative care. 


    Life with any type of illness is challenging and learning how to accept the challenge is the first step in living life. While you may struggle with grief and loss when coping with the symptoms as a patient, caregiver or family member, the support you need is only a click away. 


    Care Indeed is committed to providing you the support and in-home caregivers who understand your challenges and daily struggles at work and home. Learn more about how to get the support you need today.  


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