What is a Caregiver?

The answer to this question can be very different for each individual depending on their need of care as well as the avenue which a caregiver is hired – through an agency, an online marketplace or referral agency, or an independent caregiver.

Which method is right for me?

The options for finding an individualized caregiver can be confusing and have their own respective pros and cons. We have provided some insight to help clarify the options available to you in your search. When your needs involve non-medical care, and you are working with a reputable home care agency, your caregiver will be trained, knowledgeable, and experienced in one of three avenues

Experienced Care Professional

sparked when caring for a loved one and discovering a love of providing care to others. Often professional caregivers do not have a certification or specific degree. They develop and hone their skill sets and knowledge through training and first-hand experience.

It is important that you ask for specific details regarding professional experience, training, and working background before hiring any caregiver. If you do not feel comfortable with the qualifications or abilities of the caregiver, there are many ready and available to provide the care you are seeking and deserve

Home Health Aide

A Home Health Aide (HHA) is a specialist that is trained to assist with an individual’s Activities of Daily Living (ADL) as well as their personal care. An HHA in most cases, is more suitable to working within an individual’s home or place of living than a certified nursing assistant (CNA) would be. HHA’s however, are more limited in the tasks they can provide when compared to a caregiver that has a certification

Certified Nursing Assistant

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a caregiver who has completed an approved and accredited training program and received licensing within their respective state. A CNA often works within medical facilities; however they can also provide care within an individual’s home or place of living. Additionally, a CNA is able to provide more medical related care than a caregiver without licensing would be able to provide

Professional Caregivers You Can Trust.

Whether a caregiver has gained their knowledge and expertise while performing the job, or completed training within a classroom setting, we value both approaches at Care Indeed. Regardless of certification, level of training, or experience, every Caregiver on our team has been thoroughly screened in-person, background checked, as well as verified on their skillsets, and knowledge of the industry before earning a spot on the Care Indeed team. Learn more about Care Indeed and our thorough screening process.

Which Caregiver is right for me?

At Care Indeed, we have a highly knowledgeable and diverse team of caregivers available with a shared passion of caring for others. With such a vast group spanning different cultural backgrounds, ages, experiences, and languages spoken, we ensure that we provide you with the right caregiver to match your needs.

Each of our caregivers are skilled professionals that have been highly screened prior to joining our team to ensure we provide the best care to our clients. Care Indeed matches a caregiver with you that is the best fit for both you and your needs.

Do you have more questions?

Are you still unsure about what a caregiver is? Do you have other questions we might not have addressed? To see how our Care Indeed caregivers can help you or your loved ones, please give us a call at (877)504-3822.

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Welcome to Care Indeed. Do you have any questions?
Welcome to Care Indeed. Do you have any questions?