Why Us

We're good at what we do.

From the moment we first had an idea for founding our company, our top priority has been to make a better world for seniors and caregivers. How we go about that today is more sophisticated than it was nearly a decade ago when we launched Care Indeed. However, the value we place on compassion, authenticity, respect and excellence in our work has never wavered.

Dee Bustos, LVN
Dee Bustos, LVN

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Visionary. Optimist. Tech-savvy and results-oriented . Loves to sing in her nearly non-existent spare time. Her motto: Dream BIG.

Vanessa Valerio, RN, CMC
Vanessa Valerio RN, CMC, CHCA

Chief Operating Officer


Passionate about living life and loving people fully. Has an adventurous spirit and an unusual craving for mangoes. Her mantra: Always be loving and kind.

Creating a Better World for Seniors and Caregivers

As caregivers and nurses ourselves, we believe that doing our best work can help make the world a better place. And because we understand how challenging it can be to entrust parents, grandparents, and others to someone else’s care, we approach the trust you place in us with humility and determination to do the best for you and your loved ones.

This is why our top priority is providing the highest-quality services possible. No matter where you or your loved ones are in their journey from wanting a few hours of weekly companionship to requiring 24/7 home care assistance—we are here to support you.


Leadership Mission

We are a unified group of relationship-focused leaders. We empower the continuous improvement of Care Indeed's ability to create a better world for seniors and caregivers.

Our Team of Dedicated Employees


How we treat each other matters more than anything. Kindness is a workplace polity at Care Indeed: the kindness to care for clients with respect and compassion; the kindness to create a company that treats caregivers like family while helping us all to grow professionally and personally. This is how Care Indeed makes a difference in today’s world—one client and one caregiver at a time.


Vanessa A. Valerio, RN, CMC, CHCA

Chief Operating Officer and VP, for Patient Care

Leadership vs. Team Players

Implementation Success Strategist

Laura Le

Marketing Communication Manager

A lover of photography, coffee, and all things creative, she is a passionate storyteller and enjoys translating the client journey. Wife and 'mom' to two daughters and thirteen pets, in her free time, you can find her playing outdoors, cracking jokes, or spending time with her family.

Implementation Success Strategist

Adrian Lindain

Accounting Manager

Proud daddy who always works hard and does his best. Treasures most the joys of fatherhood and marital bliss.

Implementation Success Strategist

Stella Ju

Product Manager

Loves to hike, cook, and go on culinary adventures around the globe. As a world traveler, she loves to immerse herself in different cultural experiences - learning diverse perspectives stemming from the visual arts to tasting cuisines.

Implementation Success Strategist

Danielle Pryce

Client Relations Executive

Energetic, hardworking, animal lover, inquisitive, and always up to a challenge.

Implementation Success Strategist

TJ Padilla

System Development Officer

A culinary comforter, able to “turn your frown upside down” and charm you with carefully crafted meals.

Our mission

To redesign the in-home care experience while maintaining the highest quality standards and creating an ecosystem of comprehensive, client-focused services that embrace the long-term care journey of our seniors.

Our Vision

To help create a better world for our seniors and their caregivers.

Please call (877) 504-3822
We Believe

We believe our seniors deserve the best care, and we also know that caregiving is both a gratifying and challenging profession, because of this we believe caregivers deserve our support and that is why we create an ecosystem in which seniors get the best care while caregivers get the best tools and training to do their best work.

We Are Changing Home Care Through Kindness

Our Promise to You:

  • The needs of our patients and their families will always come first.
  • No matter where you or your loved ones are in their journey—from wanting a few hours of weekly companionship to requiring 24/7 home care assistance—we are here to support you.

Any Questions?

Let's Get Started.

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